If you hold or held an Air Corps or Air Force Specialty Code as a communicator, data automator, information (networks, programmer, systems, visual, multimedia, combat camera, etc), cyber, air traffic controller, or were or are assigned to a communications and/or air traffic control unit in any skill (commander, administrative, crypto, teletype, radio, radar, nav-aids electronic maintenance, etc), you are eligible to become a member of this great Association. 

Member benefits… to name just 2

Our annual conventions are a great opportunity to find camaraderie, share experiences, reminisce, and make lifelong friends.

The Association creates two issues each year of its official publication, Communicator, mailed to members only. One is published in June (which includes convention information, forms, etc.) and one in November.   

Our lifebloodNew members are important, ​renewals are critical

If we are to maintain this association, members must pay attention to membership expiration dates and renew their memberships timely.  

To renew, send dues to Leslie McCormick along with a note that includes any updates to your contact information.  

Since our sole source of income is membership dues and donations, renewals and new members’ dues are critical to the continued operation of the organization.  The Communicator is solely supported by this income. Your expiration date is indicated on your membership card and on the address label of your Communicator.  On the membership card the expiration date is shown in the lower right hand corner as month/day/year; on the address label it will be shown in the following formats:

Year  (i.e.-First Name, Last Name
City, State, Zip Code
Life Member  LM-First Name, Last Name
City, State, Zip Code

For those who make periodic or regular donations we appreciate your continued support. You can be assured that your donations are critical to the continued operation of this great organization.

Leslie McCormick, Director of Membership, Air Force Cyberspace and Air Traffic Control Association.