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Our Mission…

  • To foster continued awareness of the Air Force communications, data automation, air traffic control and cyberspace missions previously accomplished by AACS, AFCS, AFCC, AFC4A, AFCA, AFNIC, CCC, AFFSA, other past and current commands (AFSPC, ACC, AMC, AFMC, etc.).
  • To provide a forum for educational and humanitarian services, to renew and make new friendships, and to exchange ideas of common interest concerning people and activities associated with communications, cyber, and air traffic control.
  • To fully support the goals and missions of the U.S. Air Force and to honor each year the ATC Enlisted Manager, Air Traffic Controller, Cyber Systems Senior NCO, and Cyber Systems NCO of the Year.
  • To make charitable contributions to worthy veteran organizations or related causes.
  • To manage our Association to be viable for those airmen/officers/civilians serving today.

Our association is comprised of about 1,000 members (Communicators /Cyber Operators, Data Automation, Space Operations, Air Traffic Controllers, Airfield Managers, Maintenance, Engineering and Installation, Combat Communications, and related support personnel) who have served or are serving in any communications/cyber or air traffic control unit. This includes those who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps or hold or held a communication, data automation, information/cyber, air traffic control, maintenance, engineering and installation or related support skill set. The term Cyberspace includes ALL operational, maintenance, administrative skills and other skills in the U.S. Army Air Corps and the U.S. Air Force (including Air National Guard and Reserve, veterans, active duty, civilian, and retired) communications, data automation, cyber, or air traffic control units. We were formerly called the “AACS Alumni Association” from 1977 until Sept 27, 2008.  We changed our name to Air Force Communications and Air Traffic Controllers Association because the Airways and Air Communications Service (AACS) was elevated to Major Air Command status and redesignated Air Force Communications Service in 1961. We changed again on July 1, 2020, to Air Force Cyberspace and Air Traffic Control Association.  Throughout the Air Force, Cyber Warfare Operations has become the new career field title for what we have known as the communications career field.  All Air Force members who traditionally were identified as “communicators” are now referred to as Cyberspace Operators.