Videos of Interest

AFNIC celebrates 75 years

For 75 years, the men and women of the Air Force Network Integration Center and its predecessors have played a vital role in providing communications, information technology, and cyberspace systems operations and sustainment for Air Force missions. While our roots go back to the Army Airways Communications System mission established in 1938, our lineage as an organization began April 26, 1943, when the Army Airway Communications System Wing was activated.

Welcome to 2035…the Age of Surprise

The following is an impressive, fast-paced video on accelerating change, “Welcome to 2035…the Age of Surprise”. The video was provided to our Association courtesy of Brig Gen Chad Raduege, USAF Ret, and guest speaker at our 2015 annual convention banquet. It was produced by the U.S. Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology at the Air University. The video was based on Blue Horizons, a multi-year future study being conducted for the Air Force Chief of Staff, a “meta-strategy for the age of surprise.” Enjoy!

A video tribute to the AF Comm & ATC Association

by Gerald Sonnenberg (also on YouTube):

Christmas from Heaven: The Candy Bomber Story

Published on Aug 27, 2014

Tom Brokaw tells the story of Gail Halvorsen (The Candy Bomber) during the 2012 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. With the Orchestra at Temple Square and the Choir providing musical accompaniment, Brokaw chronicles Halvorsen’s efforts to share candy and gum with the children of war-torn Germany.

A video tribute to one of our members, John J. McLin, on YouTube.

“East Texas Heroes” was produced by a local news station in Tyler, TX, in 2014. John enlisted in the military in 1940 and was a radio electronics instructor and later a communications officer in the AF, being one of the first AF Warrant Officers.